Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 minute fresh tomato pasta sauce

Got home from the beach the other day and was starving, so whipped up this sauce. It was just me so i guess this is enough sauce for one (if you like heaps of sauce and not as much pasta as I did) however you could just adjust the quantities easily. You can go to the trouble of blanching and peeling the tomatoes, and deseeding them, but like I said i was bloody hungry and on a mission to prepare the sauce and have it done by the time the water boiled and pasta was cooked.

4 or 5 fresh ripe roma tomatoes.
Kunserva (tomato paste)
garlic (i used about 4 cloves)
large handful of basil from the garden (if you don't have potted basil, get some!)
Pasta (i used wholegrain spaghetti)
salt, pepper, sugar, e.v. olive oil

Put some water to boil in a decent sized pot, add about a half a tablespoon of salt (salty water is very important for ideal pasta!) If making for 2 or more ppl i'd use about a tablespoon.
Chop up the garlic and tomatoes.
Heat some olive oil in a wok and add the garlic, stir on LOW heat.
When slightly softened add a tablespoon or so of tomato paste and stir fry for a little.

Add the tomatoes and keep stirring, all the time. at this point add about a teaspoon of sugar, some salt and pepper and maybe just a couple of the basil leaves torn into the sauce.

side note - check out how awesomely red these tomatoes are! i chose the ones that were going a little soft and were slightly overripe, they make the best pasta sauce for sure!!

Pasta water should be boiling at this time so add the pasta (i used about 80g of pasta)
keep stirring sauce and also the pasta, to make sure it doesn't stick together.
If the sauce gets a little dry just ladle some of the pasta water in.

Cook the pasta till it's still REALLY al dente, drain (reserve about a cup of the liquid) and chuck into the sauce. keep adding dashes of the reserved water and stirring until pasta cooks.

When done just tear the basil leaves in, chuck onto a plate, and serve wth freshly ground pepper and some parmeggiano :D


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