Monday, December 27, 2010


I apologise for neglecting my blog in times of great need.. I have missed my kitchen this month, as i've been out of the country for a total of 2 weeks... Very annoying when all you want to do is stay home and bake, experiment and create!!!  To top it off, my darling baby (my laptop) was naughty and needed to be sent away for repairs and reformatting, and not until the day that i picked it up did i realise that Adobe CS4 was gonnneeee (original license, but i'd gotten it through my old work so no longer available!) !!!  So I'm in the market for a free or cheap photo editing software package.  Any hints people??

Anyway I have a few recipes that will be posted in the next few days:
Honey roasted sweet potato and cumin/curry soup
Butter shortbread
Scadinavian spicy cookies
Plus the Christmas day post!
And hopefully something to make with leftover turkey post!

I'm also making some Muffins this evening thanks to Nigella and her Christmas book, so i'll post that if they turn out welll (which i'm sure they will!)


Happy Winter Holiday everyone!

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