Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween cupcakes!

Ok so a friend of mine loves Halloween.  In fact, it's by far her favourite "feast" occasion, much more than Christmas etc :D  Her and her partner hold a Halloween event every year (even before they met, they individually used to have a Halloween party.. awwwww)

Anyway this year I made cupcakes!  of course, they had to have a Halloween theme, so I decided to make Red Velvet cupcakes (mm blood red!) and some kind of black cake, which this time was Guinness Chocolate cake with a small amount of black food colouring for extra um.. blackness.

For the recipes of the cakes, click here:

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Chocolate Guinness cupcakes

As we were planning on decorating them, I decided on making a regular buttercream frosting, and separating the mix and colouring each part.

I made the following colours - plain white, pinkish/grey, orange and green.

As for decorations,  i bought sweets in the shape of vampire fangs, skulls, bones and Sarah provided some chocolate eyeballs and pumpkins :) 

I put the skulls on white, and then added some blood around them for gory effect :) 

Green was used as the base for the pumpkins.

Orange was for the eyeballs (monsters argghhh!)

Pink and grey was used for BRAIIINNNNSSSSSSSSSSS (i made only red velvet ones for brains, so that they would have the added gore of biting into a blood red cake as you devour the brainnnn).

And of course, one cannot have a halloween party at MC and Daev without including vampires! :D Put the fangs on white, with blood dripping all over them :)

fangs, monsters and pumpkins :)

These were so fun to make, and I have so many ideas already for next year!  This was also quite a learning experience as I didn't get the colours i wanted out of the dyes (except for the brain colour, that was great!).  Next time i might invest in some gel food dyes, apparently they are much more vibrant :)


  1. Awesome stuff!
    Question: How does it feel to eat such gory stuff and have eyeballs rolling in your mouth? :P
    Or given they're cute, how would it feel, knowing it took you ages to decorate?!

    Well done, you're clearly very very talented!

  2. heheheh apparently some people refused to eat the brain ones! For me, the greatest pleasure i get out of making cupcakes is watching people enjoy them :) I most certainly focus more on the flavour and quality of ingredients than the decoration. I thought these were a good way to start branching out into more than just plopping a bit of icing on the cakes. It was so much fun, we made an evening out of it and my friends helped :)

    Thanks for the lovely comments, please feel free to contact me should you like to order a batch for your next occasion :)

  3. I ate the brain one and I loved the crap out of it hehe :-)