Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Roast butternut and potatoes

This is a perfect side dish for roast meats.  also a perfect weekday dinner if you just add some other veggies into the mix :)

I've discovered that the smaller the butter nut, the better it is for roasting.  It keeps its shape, and is lovely and soft, sweet and nutty on the inside.  The larger it is, the stringier it gets (so I would keep the larger ones for soups).  Also, I always like to make a little extra, to use in salads or just to nibble on the next day, or if there's lots, it's great to make roast pumpkin soup!.  so delicious!

Roast veggies:
Baby potatoes - enough to feed the people you're feeding. I calculate 5 each plus extra (or 2 medium sized ones, cut into halves)
Butternut pumpkin/squash - about a kilo (to serve around 4 people with some leftovers)
vegetable oil, rosemary, salt, pepper, honey.

Wash, then chop the pumpkin into largish pieces (larger than the potatoes, as pumpkin takes less time to cook), remove seeds.  There is absolutely no need to peel this squash, especially if you are roasting it :)  Seriously! do not bother!  It's such a hassle to peel it anyway, so really, it saves you time, and you don't lose out on any flavour (in fact, i prefer it with the peel when roasted).
Depending on how much you have, either place in a baking dish to fill it, or to fill half (the other half can be used for the potatoes).

Wash potatoes, throw in the baking dish.

Pour some vegetable oil onto the veggies, and toss the veggies with your hands gently, to allow all of them to be coated in the oil.  Sprinkle plenty of salt over the potatoes, and some over the pumpkin.  Sprinkle some pepper on all the veggies, then add sprigs of rosemary to the potato side, and drizzle a little honey on the pumpkin.

Throw it in an oven that's been preheated to 180 degrees for around an hour or until the veggies are cooked through and have gotten some colour.  Gently toss every now and then (especially the potatoes) while cooking.

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