Tuesday, November 23, 2010

baked potato gnocchi with mixed mushrooms

Jamie and I went to Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and rented a little apartment to stay in.  Great idea, as we could use ingredients we don't find so often in cooking :D

Headed off to the stoopermarket and found a variety of mushrooms, so thought we'd make something with them.  I really felt like potato something, and gnocchi sprung to mind <3

And so was the birth of the baked gnocchi mushroom dish :)
The finished product. melty, golden mushroomy potato goodness.

Ingredients, served 2:
  • a packet of potato gnocchi (something i hope to make in the future from scratch!)
  • 400 grams mixed mushrooms, we had swiss brown, regular button, a few chanterelles, oyster and a couple that i have no idea of the name, teenzy ones similar to enoki, oh and shiitake ones also! I'm sure you can make this with just regular mushrooms with great success!
  • 1 packet baby spinach, around 100 grams 
  • 1 small tub creme fraiche, probably about 100mls
  • some butter, olive oil, pepper, salt
  • small amount of grated cheese
  • garlic, chopped
Prepare the dish by slicing the swiss,  button shiitake etc thickly, and tearing the oysters, chanterelles and bunches of the little mushrooms.  leave them chunky as they shrink significantly when being cooked.

Some of the mushrooms :)
 Put a decent sized pot on the boil with some water, salt well. 
You know you're Mediterranean when your hands do as much talking as your mouth.
Heat a large frypan and put a knob of butter and some olive oil and as soon as the butter melts and starts bubbling away, turn the heat to max, add all the mushrooms and toss gently until the oil is evenly distributed.  keep the heat very high and continuously toss the mushrooms for a minute or so after they start properly sizzling and "squeaking", then add the chopped garlic, turn the heat down a bit and keep tossing until the mushrooms (and garlic) are softened.
excitement ensues!
Turn the heat down to medium and add some salt to draw some of the liquids.  When the mushrooms are fully cooked (taste test a couple, nomnom!), add the tub of creme fraiche and some finely chopped herbs.  I think we used rosemary.  Stir well until fully heated through and adjust seasoning, let simmer for a couple of minutes.  Turn off the heat, Add the baby spinach leaves (you can use roughly chopped "adult" spinach if you like!) and stir until barely wilted, they'll keep on wilting in the oven. 

At this point boil the gnocchi for a minute or so, literally blanch them as they will keep on cooking in the oven.

Toss the gnocchi with the sauce, place in a lightly greased baking dish (we used an oval ceramic one) and sprinkle with some grated cheese (i think i used some finely chopped gouda and parmesan).

Pop in a hot oven for about 15-20 minutes until the top is golden brown, then serve :)

Seriously a lovely winter warming dish :D


  1. I've bought the gnocchi, now all I need is the rest of the ingredients and I have another vegetarian dish to serve. Love your blog and Bugibba too.

    1. Yum yum! :) If you dont' have access to mixed mushies, feel free to use regular mushrooms :) This dish is nice with most things really, at the moment i'm crazy about gnocchi with just a sprinkling of parmesan and a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper. yum yum!