Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marinade for pork - revisited

I love marinading pork for the BBQ.  And Maltese pork is fantastic.  I buy it from Prime butchers (found in all the GS/Tower supermarkets), or the few select good butchers around malta, like Charles butcher in Naxxar, or the guys at Arkadia. 

I made 2 this week, and they were both really tasty! 


Marinade one:
Hoisin sauce
Soy Sauce
Sweet chilli sauce
a tablespoon of grated ginger
a tablespoon of chopped garlic

 Marinade two:
Hoisin (very little)
Sweet chilli
tablespoon of honey (optional)
a dash each of white wine and apple cider vinegar
A teaspoon of dried chilli flakes.(optional) 


What I put in a marinade is generally what i happen to have on hand.  I love pork with soy flavours, especially when accompanied with something sweet.  I never make the same marinade twice, and the reason i haven't given many quantities is because i happen to do it by sight most of the time.  I believe that marinade shouldn't be a huge amount of liquid, as it draws out the moisture of whatever meat you're throwing in there.  It should be a thickish sauce, just enough to coat the pieces of meat, rather than drown them.  instead of having it swimming in the marinade, just mix up the meat every few hours :) 


  1. I quite dislike pork, but Lara's marinaded pork is the only pork I will eat!

  2. sar, you could use this marinade with boneless chicken thighs for the bbq, it would be just as awesome :D