Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lampuki with Salsa Pikkanti

The title translates to "Dolphinfish with a piquant sauce" - this is one of my favourite Lampuki/mahi mahi dishes :)

It's a dish traditionally served cold, as far as i know.  I've always eaten it cold anyway, it's a great way to use up leftover lampuki (or as mum/nanna used to do, deliberately buy extra so we could have this the next day).

I used leftover bbq'd lampuki, that had been filleted.  I think i would prefer it if the fish was cooked whole (in the oven or under grill), then opened and de-boned.  There's a great video of how to do this here: - simple! :)  Make sure you remove the top fin bones also.  they be pesky little fockers! :) 

Anway.. to make the Zalza Pikkanti:

Extra virgin olive oil
Some ripe red fresh tomatoes and some kunserva
black olives
marjoram, mint, basil (all fresh)
pepper and salt.

Make a tomato sauce (the same method as the 10 minute sauce) except when it's nearly done, add a handful of chopped up (pitted) black olives, a tablespoon or so of capers and a whole bunch of mixed fresh herbs. Simmer for a further 5 minutes to marry the flavours well.  Keep all the ingredients pretty chunky, including the garlic and tomatoes :)  it's a salsa more than a pasta sauce, even though it uses the same ingredients :)

Prepare the lampuki in a large shallow dish, in a single layer.  Try your hardest to remove every single bone, and also remove the skin.  This is easier to do when the fish is not fridge cold, so do it before you throw it in the fridge the night befoe, or whenever you cook it.

Once the fish is prepared, pour the warm sauce all over it, and allow to cool. Doesn't need to be fridge cold, just room temperature :) I like pouring the warm sauce as i feel it infuses into the fish :) 

It is now ready to serve!  This sauce is excellent for cuttin through the strong lampuki flavour, and as a cold dish, is most yummy!

Serve with boiled potatoes dressed with olive oil and other steamed/fgati veggies.

:)  enjoy!

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