Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mushroom risotto

I've totally got the risotto bug again... happens as soon as I make one, then i make one at least once a week, then summer rolls around, and i stop making it again...until the weather cools down slightly, then it's back to risotto time :D 

Risotto is definitely some kind of comfort food for me - the creaminess, the deliciousness, even if i don't make it the "proper" way with all the butter and cheese... 

Jamie showed me a mushroom and leek risotto that i'm dying to try, but for now i'm making my tried and tested mushie risotto.

SO autumn means that mushrooms are back in season, or at least in this seasonless world, mushrooms are not only available, but they look great, are heavy, white and not wrinkly :D  I'm home sick at the moment, so i stumbled down the road to the market and bought some mushies :) 

Ingredients to serve 2-3 hungry folk :)
  • butter, extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 large onion, finely diced
  • 3-4 garlic clove, finely chopped
  • 1 cup risotto rice - i used Carnaroli (Arborio or Vialone Nano are also good)
  • a glass of dry white wine
  • 2 and a bit cups (Double the amount of rice you have, plus a bit extra) good veggie or chicken stock
  • about 400g Mushrooms, a variety if you have, but plain button/cup mushrooms will do :) ***
  • Some fresh sage 
  • salt, pepper (i actually didn't need to add salt today as stock was a little strong hehe)
  • Grated cheese - I'm using grana today :)
  • Truffle oil, to garnish (optional)
***I'm using about 300 grams of regular mushrooms (which i slice thickly), plus found a jar of mixed mushrooms in oil in the cupboard.  These have the tendency to be gross unless you drain em well, then fry em up before u use em.  I do this before i start cooking the rest of the stufff in the pan.

Keep the stock warm and slighly simmering in a small saucepan.

As per the  "***" fry up the jar of mushies till golden, then set aside for later.

See the *** for notes about these mushies :)
Heat some olive oil in a large deep frying pan (i use a stir fry pan/wok), and add onions. Sauté gently until translucent, then add the garlic.

Deliciously buttery/oily onions, to coat the rice evenly :) 
Sauté for a minute or 2, then add a knob of butter and when this melts, add the rice, stirring well until the rice is shiny and almost translucent. 

Turn the heat up at this point and add the glass of wine, (woo enjoy the sizzzzzle!) stirring well until it's all absorbed and rice has gone nice and creamy.

sizzleee says vino! XD
Add a ladle of stock, stirring well (find a great pic of how to tell when it's the right time to add more stock here:

When you've added about a third of the stock, add the sliced fresh mushrooms, mixing in well.  While you wait for the stock absorb this time, cover with a lid to allow the mushrooms to cook a little.
just after i added the mushrooms in.
Mushrooms let some water out into the risotto mixture, dont be alarmed :)

note how the mushrooms have shrunk a little...
Keep stirring occasionally, and ladling in stock until the rice is tender.  It should have a bite but not crunchy!!!  When it's almost done, stir in the freshly chopped sage (it gets bitter with too much cooking), the mixed mushrooms (the ones that came from a jar, if you're using) in and adjust the seasoning. 

I think traditionally, this is where you add another knob of butter and stir in really well, to help with the creaminess.  But you don't really need it, it's still good without it, however it does make risotto extra creamy and rich, so i'd do that if i was making it for a dinner party :)

When the rice doesn't have the crunch anymore, give it a good stir, turn off, cover and leave to sit for 10 minutes before serving.  Trust me it's worth the wait!

When ready to serve, place into plates (or bowls which is what i do when they aren't all in the dishwasher :P), and top with a sprinkle of truffle infused oil.  Serve with a good grated cheese :)

Enjoy! :D


  1. Must say it totally was, and trust me it's just as good with regular mushrooms - u can also get awesome (i know, it's weird!) frozen porcini/mixed forest mushies, they work wonderfully in a risotto also! :)

  2. Your risotto looks amazing! Thanks for the link back to my blog -- that made my day! : )

  3. NO worries at all :D your recipe looks divine, am dying to try it! also love the "method" pics, the ones you took to help people know when the right time to add stock is :)


  4. Love wild mushies in a risotto - yours look so good!! Its agaricus season right now in QLD and ive been picking a few on my bushwalks but never get enough to make a risotto... sad really as the wild ones are so much more flavourful than the buttons and flats at the shops. They go nicely on my toast though so no waste :D

    Heres a few little tweaks you can try - you may or may not like them

    1) Mushroom stock - probably better if you have something else as well as mushrooms in there (spinach is good, leek is better!)

    2) Sparkling instead of white wine - its a different flavour!

    3) Red wine - soooooo good, especially with leek and mushroom risotto - but it makes the dish REALLY heavy.

  5. omg Laaa.... this is like my fave thing eva !

  6. Lysergide25 omg yay!!! so lucky, no mushrooms to be seen on malta in the wild!!! before I left melbourne, me and a mate went to his mum's farm and she picked a few slippery jacks for me, omg they were soooo awesome! quite slippery, but they melted into the butter/garlic sauce so nicely, and I served them on warm sourdough. heaven!

    I looooveeeeee red wine with risotto, in fact i need to put up my plain red wine risotto which is great served with anything from octopus to beef :D

    I like mushroom stock but prefer a more delicate flavour.. mmm leeeks need to be incorporated into my next risotto.. so delicious! My only issue with mushroom stock is "wasting" mushrooms by simmering them to death.

    Generally my chicken stock is leftover chicken consomme, or my veggie stock is normally made from odds and ends of veggies. :)