Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baia Beach

I know I don't normally review restaurants etc, however I felt that I must mention a lunch we had the other day :)

We discovered this little beach club at Armier Bay, in the north of Malta. As far as I know it only recently opened, it's called Baia Beach Club. Fantastic little place, what attracted us was the pretty white and blue decor, the fact that it's not crowded (a true rarity on a Saturday at a Maltese beach in summer!) and that it had that little touch of class that girls' days at the beach truly deserve :)

Sarah and I got there around lunchtime, so we decided to have a proper lunch at the restaurant before going down to settle on our luxury sun-beds!

And what a lunch it was! I am a huge fan of simplicity mixed with excellence, and both the dishes we ordered were a perfect example of this! The kitchen is run by a Tuscan chef who's also opened his own Michelin star restaurant (more info on their website)

I ordered Linguini with Vongole (clams) and zucchini, and Sarah ordered a Calamari salad with roast potatoes.

My pasta was fantastic, cooked to perfection, with loads of clams and delicate cubes of white zucchini full of the white wine and clam flavour cooked into them. There was no need to season either of our dishes with added salt or pepper, it was simply cooked exactly the way it should be!

Sarah's calamari was wonderful, again, cooked to perfection (which we know is pretty hard when it comes to cooking a whole squid on a grill/pan. Just perfectly charred in the right places, served on a mound of deliciously roasted sliced potatoes with some local rocket (insalata).

We were served by a lovely girl who really knew what she was doing, she takes pride in her job and it showed. I cannot fault the service at all :)

We ordered a (delicious!) bottle of prosecco, which was brought to us in an icebucket, and then transported to our sun-beds in an ice-bucket when we finished the meal, so really felt like we were being treated well :) The fact that a lovely tanned boy dressed in all white was there at our beck and call didn't hurt that feeling either :)

The beach club itself had excellent service, they really made sure all the little details were taken care of. I felt like I was at a luxury resort in Italy, rather than having travelled along Malta's bumpiest road to get there. I love how all the staff were dressed in pure white linen and cotton, how there was a little pot with water to wash off the sand from your feet as you leave the sandy beach.

My only disappointment is that the prices on the facebook page do not correspond with the actual prices, but seriously this will not deter me from going again, nor will it deter me from recommending this place to everyone who would like an occasional piece of luxurious heaven.

The price of the food was pretty reasonable, especially for the quality. My pasta was 12 euros, which is the average price you'd pay at a restaurant. Sarah's Calamari was about 16 euros, again pretty much the average price. The difference was that the service, decor and actual quality of the food was much higher than the majority of places in this country! :)

It's pretty important to book if you want to eat outside, in fact we got a table right next to one of the terrace doors but it was just inside. The terrace is lovely and I will definitely book next time I go. For contact details and directions just go to their website or their facebook page

Enjoy some hardcore relaxation :D


  1. We have to go for dinner. That food looks AMAZING. I wish I made it earlier. I have to try it out though :-)